Your Veterinarian’s Online Store: What You Can And Can’t Do

Woman shopping at veterinary online store.

At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, we are lucky enough to have a fully-stocked veterinary online store that makes it easier for you to get necessities for your pets. This veterinary online pharmacy and store allows you to order a wide range of medications and supplies for your animal family members, but it does have some limitations of which you should be aware. Keep reading to learn about what you can and cannot do with our online store:


Ringworm Treatment and Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Over the last year, the world has been paying much closer attention to zoonotic diseases, which are diseases that can be transferred between humans and animals. Some diseases have taken over the spotlight more than others. However the others, like ringworm, haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. This form of zoonosis can cause serious problems for your pets. Even if they do not have it, it is helpful to know about ringworm treatment for dogs and cats.


Elmhurst Veterinary Care 101: Anal Glands

Elmhurst dog with anal glands

The pet experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center love almost everything about your pets. Yes, we said almost. 

While there is a lot to adore about our furry patients, anal glands are the one part that we could do without. The Elmhurst veterinary care team wants to share the “joy” of pet anal glands and why they are such a pain in the rear. 


Too Much or Not Enough? Elmhurst’s Veterinary Advice on Pets and Water Consumption

An Elmhurst pet needing help with their water.

One of the biggest problems among our pet companions is getting them to drink the right amount of water to keep them hydrated and healthy. For some pets, drinking a lot of water can pose a risk of overconsumption, while others snub their nose at tap water and refuse to drink enough. 

Here’s some veterinary advice from the team at Elmhurst Animal Care Center to help you understand more about pets and water consumption and how to know how much is enough.


Spay/Neuter Awareness: How To Support Your Pet After Surgery

A woman sits with her cat who just had surgery.

Before being categorized as “adoptable,” animal shelters surgically sterilize pets. But, many cats and dogs are brought home from other sources before they are spayed or neutered. This places the responsibility on pet owners to schedule and commit to the procedure, and provide gentle care in the days and weeks that follow. Supporting a pet after surgery can be very challenging, but it’s much easier when you’re prepared.


The Top 10 Best Rodent Pets

A rat on a wood floor.
Rat in the house on the floor

Pet adoption is one of the biggest and most important decisions in modern life. Knowing exactly what kind of pet will fit into your home and lifestyle can lead you to the right animal friend. Unfulfilled expectations or surprising responsibilities have unfortunate outcomes for both pet owners and their pets, and adoption advocates can help prospective adopters make the right decision. Elmhurst Animal Care Center recommends taking extra time to consider the best rodent pets before taking the leap into ownership:


Pyometra in Pets and the Concern It Causes

A woman holds a cat.

Most people who adopt an animal spay their new pet as one of the first acts of care after the adoption is official. Veterinarians recommend pet owners spay their pets to prevent litters of new puppies and kittens that need homes. Pet overpopulation is definitely one of the most important and humane reasons to spay your new pet, but it is not the only one. Dogs and cats that are not spayed are at risk for certain health issues.

The team at Elmhurst Animal Care Center wants to help our clients understand these potential health concerns, especially pyometra and how it can harm a new pet.


How A-Betta We Get a Fish: Tips for Keeping Betta Fish

A betta fish swims.

With their unique and beautiful appearance, Betta fish tend to catch the eye of any visitor to a pet store. Once entranced by the betta, particularly after watching them bob along in such a small cup, it is hard to avoid bringing one home to add a little more aesthetic appeal to your interior while giving a needy animal a home. This impulsive purchase can actually be harmful to the fish, however, especially if you do not know the proper way to care for these special creatures.

If you’ve left the store with an unexpected betta fish for your home, The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are here to offer important tips on keeping the betta safe and healthy.


If Your Dog Bites Someone, Do You Know What to Do?

A dog bites someone's hand

While the experience of owning a dog provides a lot of joy, there are many common worries facing today’s dog owners. Topping the list of potential concerns is what happens if/when their dog bites another animal, or perhaps worse, a person that you may or may not know. 

Without a doubt, dog owners have their work cut out for them. Not only is it crucial to make sure a dog knows what is appropriate behavior, but owners must also know what to do if the worst-case scenario happens.


Being Breathtaking Isn’t Always Good: Pet Asthma

Grumpy cat looks into bathtub.

Asthma is a condition that many of us are familiar with. Whether it be a child, parent, friend, or even ourselves that are affected by it, most people know someone with the diagnosis. 

Often, though, people don’t realize that pets can be affected by asthma as well. The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are very familiar with pet asthma, though, and we want to share how this disease can affect our patients and what you can do about it.