Stinky Senior: My Older Dog Smells Bad

Senior pets are those described as being over the age of 7naturally take place. Certain conditions may arise in older pets that can cause a distinct aroma in your furry one. If you are wondering why your older dog smells bad, we can get to the bottom of the stinky situation.

The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are here to explain the reasons behind senior pet odor.

Health Conditions that Cause Older Dogs to Stink

Most dogs have a certain doggie smell to them. After all, they roll around and wander through gross things on their walks and during play. They actually even have an instinctual drive to cover their own scent by rolling around in other stinky smells. 


Gack! Are Hairballs Normal?

All of a sudden you hear the distinct sound of your cat in the next room, making unruly noises. Next comes that disgusting ball of fur and stomach fluids. Hairballs make even the biggest cat lovers cringe, and wonder “Is this normal?”. 

The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center get this question a lot and are here to discuss this most yucky of all cat behaviors.

What Is a Hairball?

A hairball, technically called a trichobezoar, is a collection of undigested fur that forms into elongated or round balls covered in saliva and stomach fluids. The fluids may appear yellow or clear and resemble vomit, but with the accumulated hair.


The Healing Power of Light: How Cold Laser Therapy for Pets Works

Cold laser therapy was invented 40 years ago and was understood as a powerful form of recovery and healing. This noninvasive therapy has come a long way in its development and uses. The benefits in using this treatment with pets is that it helps speed up recovery after an injury or surgery and reduce pain and inflammation without medication. 

To learn why this therapy is key to recovery for your furry one, The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are here to explain.


For the Birds: What You Should Know Before Buying a Bird

Birds make amazing pets, as many bird fanciers will tell you. They are unique, beautiful, and sociable beings that offer something new in terms of the family pet. Yet, there are several factors to consider before buying a bird. Birds require specific husbandry and veterinary care needs that are quite different from your average cat or dog. 

To help you make a better informed decision about choosing a bird as a pet, The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are here to explain some basics about our avian friends.


How Do You Know If You Have Too Many Pets? 

A multi-pet household can be a delightful experience, assuming everyone gets along. Play, environment enrichment, variety, and friendship are part of the ownership puzzle, and it’s mutually beneficial to all household pets. That said, is it possible to have too many pets?

More the Merrier?

The bottom line is that you can have as many pets as you can reasonably take care of. However, this balance can often get out of hand, causing detriment to the health of the pets and even the human family members.


Helping Baby Wildlife in Need 

If you have ever stumbled upon a baby wild animal all alone in the outdoors, you probably are familiar with that panicky feeling about what to do with it. Mother Nature often works best when left to her own devices, but it can be difficult to turn your back on a helpless animal in need.

The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center don’t regularly care for baby wildlife, however we do know how to get started helping and who to ask when things are serious. Please do not bring wildlife to Elmhurst Animal Care Center. 

When to Intervene

Wild animals, no matter how small and cute, are not the same as our household pets. Knowing how to assess the situation when you find an animal seemingly in need can help stop you from doing more harm than good. 


TPLO Surgery: The Bee’s Knees for CCL Injury in Pets 

You probably know someone (maybe even yourself) who has torn the ACL in their knee alignment, which plays a big role in stabilizing the knee joint. Usually this happens during a rough football play, a skiing accident, or maybe some other traumatic injury.

In dogs and cats, the ACL is even more critical due to the mechanics of their four-legged gait. In pets this ligament is termed the cranial (vs. anterior) cruciate ligament (CCL), but serves the same purpose: to keep the femur from sliding off the front of the tibia (ouch!).

When a pet injures or ruptures their CCL it is more often due to chronic strain and wear than traumatic injury, but the result is the same. A sudden, non-weight bearing lameness that prompts immediate treatment. Unfortunately, ligaments are not well-known for their healing ability and often a procedure such as a TPLO surgery is required. 


The Curious Case of the Corn Chips: Why Your Pet’s Feet Smell Funny 

A common complaint among dog owners is the fact that their pets smell funny. Whether that’s due natural oils or a quick roll on something questionable outside, there are many reasons why a pet may smell bad. 

One of the more common questions has to do with why a pet’s paws smell like Fritos. This unusual odor has a few explanations and The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center is here to give you the low down.

Why Do My Pet’s Feet Smell like Corn Chips?

Ah, that corn based snack has a distinct odor to it. And if your pet’s feet are emitting something similar to this scent, it may be cause for concern. The good news is that this smell is generally nothing to worry about.

Here are a few reasons behind why your pet’s feet and paws smell funny.


Elmhurst Animal Care Center’s Top 10 Pet Expert Blogs of 2019

For many of us, January allows us the opportunity to reflect on the year behind us and set our intentions for the year ahead. What has worked? What hasn’t? What can we do better?

At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, part of that process is reviewing our blog and which posts and topics resonated most with our readers. This insight allows us to both better understand the issues you (and your pets) are interested in, and plan for which topics to tackle in the months ahead.

As you might know, we’ve made an annual tradition of showcasing The Pet Expert’s Top 10 most-read blogs, and this year is no different. So, without any further ado…


Honking from Your Hound: What Is Reverse Sneezing? 

Have you ever heard your pet suddenly start honking? Like they were gasping for air, only to have the problem go away as quickly as it came? You may have even worried that your pet was having an allergy or asthma attack, or that something might be stuck in the back of their throat. This phenomenon in pets is not so uncommon and is something we are often asked about from concerned pet owners.

Reverse sneezing is a condition that can occur in certain pets and can resemble the sound a goose makes, but the good news is that it is rarely a cause for concern. The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are here to explain.