Like Letterman: Elmhurst Animal Care Center’s Top 10 Blogs of 2014

cute beagle lying on the grass in the parkIf you are like us, you love lists and you can’t get anything done without them! For us, finding out which blogs have been the most popular throughout 2014 has been a great exercise. We now have a window into what is most interesting – and important – to our valued readers, and can use that to better serve you and your fuzzy family.

We hope you enjoy this little peak into what topics your fellow pet owners find fascinating, and maybe learn a little something new in the process. So, without further delay… Continue…

Pet Grooming: Tips From Our Experts

Style: "Neutral"Good habits in the pet grooming department are key to your furry friend’s overall health, comfort, and happiness. Pet grooming maintains your pet’s fur, skin, teeth and nails. As pet owners, we need to have the knowledge and correct tools to get the job done.

With our busy schedules, personally tending to all of your pet’s skin, fur, oral, and nail needs can leave you with a full schedule. Sometimes it is all we can do to tend to our own grooming!

Elmhurst Animal Care Center understands and is proud to offer full-scale grooming where we are committed to treating your pet like family. Together, we can support your pet’s wellness with a dedicated and complete grooming regimen. Continue…

Pet Preventative Care Plans: A Powerful Tool for Proactive Pet Ownership

iStock_000012298746_LargeIt’s a fact of life – pets develop health problems. They get sick or injured, or develop a disease. Some of these things may be preventable. If you knew that your pet’s problem could have been prevented, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to go back in time and do so?

Our preventative care plans are designed to help catch problems early so that we can treat them more effectively and, in some instances, prevent them entirely.

Pet Preventative Care Plans at Elmhurst Animal Care Center

We strongly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is why we have designed Preventative Care Plans for our client’s pets with plans designed to make proactive pet care easy and affordable. Continue…