DIY Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers

Billings_iStock_000022601113_Large.jpgIt may seem a tad early to start thinking about the holidays, but for the “do it yourself” crafty types, now is the time to start planning. For those of us who love our pets, gifts for other pet lovers on our lists seem to be some of the most fun to create.

But, who wants another knitted dog sweater or cat coffee mug?

To give you a bit of inspiration when planning your next craft session, The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center have come up with a few of our favorite ideas for those who adore their fur companions. Continue…

Helping Take the Itch and Sneeze Out of Pet Allergies

Elmhurst_iStock_000003124266_MediumThe wheezing, the sneezing, the inflammation and itching…seasonal allergies can make any one of us feel mildly to miserably uncomfortable. And, the same is true for animal companions when they struggle with pet allergies.

Unfortunately, many pets suffer through symptoms when they remain undiagnosed, untreated, or simply needlessly exposed to the allergens.

Detecting Seasonal and Flea Allergies in Pets

Allergens can be active year-round, depending on what your pet is allergic to. And, many pets who live with allergies are impacted by more than one type of allergy. Continue…

Easy As (Apple) Pie: Pet Activities Tuned For Fall


Elmhurst_iStock_000018316617_LargeThe moment when summer gives way to fall is a special on, especially for those with highly tuned senses and an ability to acutely enjoy life’s simple pleasures. We’re talking about your pet, of course! That crisp autumn air carries various intriguing scents and regardless of your pet’s mastery of seasonal changes, he or she likely knows something fun – and possibly delicious – is on the horizon.

With so many choices for fall fun in our area, it can be a challenge to know which ones your pet will truly revel in. We’ve narrowed down the list to a few of the best pet activities to enjoy together this fall that are sure to set the tone for the following years. Continue…