Fun Pet Facts That Make the World Go ‘Round

blue cat in the kitchenMost pet owners are pet geeks, meaning they fill their brains with any fun pet facts, trivia, or esoteric tidbits they can get their hands on. Trust us, The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are among the many kind-hearted folks who can talk for days about pets… So, we decided to share some of our favorite facts with you.

While we love that more than half of all pet owners say they’d rather be stranded with a pet than a person, and that pet ownership leads to better health, we’ve gone a few steps further.

For All Those Who Adore Pups

Some of our favorite fun pet facts place a spotlight on our adored canines:

Dog Bite Prevention During the Trick-or-Treating Season

Dog biteDog bite prevention relies on a combination of understanding your pet and providing the right training and reassurance. Unfortunately, when a pet experiences fear around strangers or loud noises (think doorbells, shouting, and other sudden auditory surprises), things can go awry.

Halloween is one of the most common times of year for dog bites, precisely because of these things we just mentioned. To avoid an unfortunate situation and keep the night filled with spooky fun, it’s important to implement some dog bite prevention measures. Continue…