TPLO Surgery: The Bee’s Knees for CCL Injury in Pets 

You probably know someone (maybe even yourself) who has torn the ACL in their knee alignment, which plays a big role in stabilizing the knee joint. Usually this happens during a rough football play, a skiing accident, or maybe some other traumatic injury.

In dogs and cats, the ACL is even more critical due to the mechanics of their four-legged gait. In pets this ligament is termed the cranial (vs. anterior) cruciate ligament (CCL), but serves the same purpose: to keep the femur from sliding off the front of the tibia (ouch!).

When a pet injures or ruptures their CCL it is more often due to chronic strain and wear than traumatic injury, but the result is the same. A sudden, non-weight bearing lameness that prompts immediate treatment. Unfortunately, ligaments are not well-known for their healing ability and often a procedure such as a TPLO surgery is required. 


The Curious Case of the Corn Chips: Why Your Pet’s Feet Smell Funny 

A common complaint among dog owners is the fact that their pets smell funny. Whether that’s due natural oils or a quick roll on something questionable outside, there are many reasons why a pet may smell bad. 

One of the more common questions has to do with why a pet’s paws smell like Fritos. This unusual odor has a few explanations and The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center is here to give you the low down.

Why Do My Pet’s Feet Smell like Corn Chips?

Ah, that corn based snack has a distinct odor to it. And if your pet’s feet are emitting something similar to this scent, it may be cause for concern. The good news is that this smell is generally nothing to worry about.

Here are a few reasons behind why your pet’s feet and paws smell funny.