Elmhurst Veterinary Care 101: Anal Glands

Elmhurst dog with anal glands

The pet experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center love almost everything about your pets. Yes, we said almost. 

While there is a lot to adore about our furry patients, anal glands are the one part that we could do without. The Elmhurst veterinary care team wants to share the “joy” of pet anal glands and why they are such a pain in the rear. 


Too Much or Not Enough? Elmhurst’s Veterinary Advice on Pets and Water Consumption

An Elmhurst pet needing help with their water.

One of the biggest problems among our pet companions is getting them to drink the right amount of water to keep them hydrated and healthy. For some pets, drinking a lot of water can pose a risk of overconsumption, while others snub their nose at tap water and refuse to drink enough. 

Here’s some veterinary advice from the team at Elmhurst Animal Care Center to help you understand more about pets and water consumption and how to know how much is enough.