Dog at a computer.

There are just some questions that (most) dog owners are dying to know. Sometimes, searching on the internet can leave you with more questions than answers! Luckily, we have the answers. The team at Elmhurst Animal Care Center has put together this guide of five of the most googled dog questions to help dog owners with their most burning questions: 

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? 

The answer to the age-old question of why dogs eat grass can be pretty simple. Usually, it’s because they just like the taste of it! However, it could also be a deeper indication of a tummy ache or stomach issue. If you notice your dog eating a larger amount of grass than a normal nibble here and there, it’s best to give your veterinarian a call. 

Why Do Dogs Bury Things? 

Dogs may bury their bones, toys, treats, or even a collection of their favorite human’s shoes. This act of burying or hoarding items is instinctual from their more wild ancestors, where burying food for later was necessary for survival. Nowadays, your dog might be trying to protect his or her favorite item by hiding it from other pets or people. If you’re ever concerned about your dog’s behavior, contact your veterinary team. 

Why Do Dogs Howl? 

There are many reasons why dogs howl. Sometimes they howl or make noises to express a wide range of emotions such as fear, anxiety, loneliness, or to show they are in pain or injured. Other times, your dog may simply howl for attention or out of boredom. Sometimes, dogs will hear intriguing sounds and want to join in on the fun! If your dog’s howling or barking is getting out of hand, our dog training classes may be beneficial. 

Do Dogs Dream? 

Since dogs have similar brain waves and sleeping patterns to humans, research shows that dogs do dream. If you’ve seen your dog toss and turn or twitch in their sleep, you are likely watching them experience a dream. As for what dogs dream about, we can only speculate that they may dream about their day and experiences, similar to how humans can dream.  

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers? 

Dog whiskers are there to send sensory information to their brain, and to get a better idea of their surroundings and help with balance. Whiskers help them sense the air around them, which can be useful when they are navigating in the dark, and while they are running or hunting. 

Dying to know more, or have a specific question about your dog that Google can’t answer? We are here to help! The team at Elmhurst Animal Care Center is just a phone call away at (603) 530-1900.