A cat laying on a blanket

Most cat owners are keenly aware of their fluffy friend’s likes and dislikes and work hard to either provide an abundance of these things, or eliminate them altogether. 

Cats are anything but subtle. However, sometimes we don’t always know exactly how to spoil them. A little tuna juice from the can? An extra catnip mouse or two? These ideas may sometimes fall a little flat. Not to worry, the Pet Experts have brainstormed 5 ways you can pamper your cat. And why not? They deserve it.

How to Pamper Your Cat

  1. Attention, please!

Cat owners typically allow their cats to set the tone. If they are feeling affectionate or cuddly, great. If they want to hide out and ignore you, that’s okay, too. We kind of take whatever we can get, right? 

Well, one of the best ways to absolutely spoil your best furry friend is to shower them with your attention. We’re not saying that you should follow them around (especially if it’s obvious they don’t want company), but it’s important to communicate with your cat that you’re open and available to hang out. Call and entice them toward you, and reward them with some delicious treats, cuddles, and grooming.

  1. Speaking Of Grooming

The second way to pamper your cat is to tend to their coat, nails and teeth. Just like we would book a spa day every once in a while, your cat would benefit from some time and attention to their looks. You might not opt to bathe them (we don’t blame you), but you can spend some time brushing out their undercoat, cutting long claws, and brushing their teeth. Alternatively, you can have one of our professional groomers and veterinary staff members take care of these needs.

  1. New Gear

Who doesn’t love new stuff? Well, Fluffy might not love a new bed immediately, but your cat can definitely grow to love some new gear. Be sure to give your cat time to adapt to their new belongings, and don’t throw away anything until they’ve demonstrated acceptance.

You can spoil your cat with new bedding, toys, collar, ID tag, catnip plant, cat grass, laser pointer, window perch, treats and so much more. 

  1. A Whole New World

Cats are excellent surveyors of their territories, and work hard to stake their claims. While indoor-only cats tend to live longer, safer, and healthier lives, they can definitely get a bit bored of their environments. Pamper your cat by providing them with new opportunities. Inspire all of their senses by training them to walk on leash. They’ll never run out of interesting sights, sounds, smells and sensations. There’s simply no comparison. Of course, this process takes time and should never be forced upon a cat, but the Pet Experts can assure that leash training your cat could be the best thing ever.

  1. Outside, In!

Pamper your cat with an outdoor, yet fully enclosed, catio (cat + patio). A catio offers the best of both worlds. It keeps your cat safe from predators (and keeps prey safe from your cat!), communicable diseases, and accidental injury from cars or falls, all while providing access to the sunlight, warm breeze, and all the outdoors has to offer. Set up nearby bird feeders or bird baths to keep your cat’s interest, install ramps, perches and comfy bedding. Neither of you will ever be bored again!

You Love Your Cat

Whether your cat is young or aging, they deserve the very best. If you have questions or concerns about their health, safety and behavior, th ePet Experts are always here for you at Elmhurst Animal Care Center.