adopt a dogWe realize dogs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (what?!), but for those who cherish our canines, we think they’re top notch! Besides, there’s a reason they’re man and woman’s best friend – a friend who not only thinks you’re, like, the BEST HUMAN EVER, but also someone who will never insult your taste in music (even ABBA) or take over the remote.

Many animal lovers who have always wanted to adopt a dog can make an indelible difference in the life of a sweet fur friend this summer. Adopting not only offers a forever home to a deserving animal, but it also makes room for others to be rescued. So what are you waiting for?

10 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Dog

  1. You may just be saving a life. From overcrowded shelters to life on the streets, the life of a stray dog can be grim. By choosing to adopt a dog (especially an older one), you provide a wonderful life for a sweet adoptee and illustrate to others just how amazing adopted dogs are.
  2. Get more exercise. Dog people tend to naturally get more exercise because they get out and about for those necessary walks and energy burning games of Frisbee.
  3. Meet new people. Dogs are the socialites of the animal world (well, most of them anyway). They can give us motivation to seek out new friends who also love their canine companions. Win-win!
  4. Lift your spirits. Did you know that people with pets tend to suffer less depression, anxiety, and stress than non pet owners? Just the simple act of petting your dog can ease the burden of an otherwise crummy day.
  5. Improve your health (and your pet’s). By adopting a shelter dog, you not only offer a healthier, happier life for your new fur friend, but studies have shown that dog ownership can lower blood pressure, encourage exercise, and decrease the chances of having a second heart attack (for those who’ve had one previously).
  6. Help children develop responsibility and empathy. Children who grow up with pets are more likely to develop the skills needed to empathize with and be kind to other animals and people. It’s also a great way to instill important values like responsibility and commitment.
  7. Enjoy the enthusiasm. Another awesome quality of dogs is that they’re pretty happy being a part of whatever you have up your sleeve. Want to be outside more or get into camping? Instant outdoor buddy. Enjoy a comedy film fest? Your pal will be right there to chill and take in the flicks with you. Dogs love doing whatever – as long as it’s with their human.
  8. Be an animal champion. Through adopting, you can become the premiere adoption advocate among all your friends – a shining example of true compassion and love for animals.
  9. Try new things. Your dog can help you get out of a rut by loving activities you may have never considered, like trick training, dog agility competitions, and even Frisbee with dogs!
  10. Enjoy a lifelong bond. Let’s face it, people can be fickle; relationships sometimes end. But when it comes to a dog’s love, nothing is more sincere.

If you’re considering adopting a dog, we commend you! Please bring in your new BFF to see The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center for the all-important wellness checkup. Enjoy your new pal!!