Senior DogPets often require special attention as they get older.  Here are a few common areas where they may need a little help:

Loss of vision/hearing:

Senior pets may not hear or see as well as they once did.  There is often nothing that can be done about these changes, so we must help them as much as possible.  Do not startle pets that cannot hear or see you coming.  Avoid rearranging furniture and other objects in the household if your pet does not see well.

Difficulty getting around:

Arthritis is a very common problem in the older pet.  There are many ways to help your pet get around, though.  Steps or ramps made can help your senior animal continue to enjoy car rides or sitting in the window.  Your pet may require a softer place to rest.  There are also a variety of medications and treatments that can help with arthritis pain.

Changes in personality:

Older pets may not be as tolerant as they once were simply because they hurt.  Take this into consideration, particularly when they are around small children who may not always be gentle.  Pets can also suffer from a form of dementia known as cognitive dysfunction.  Any major changes in personality indicate the need for an examination by your vet.

Accidents in the house:

Loss of housebreaking may indicate a health problem that should be investigated immediately.

If you’re noticing these or any other changes in your aging pet and would like to discuss his care, please feel free to contact us.