TasteAdopting a new puppy can be a life changing experience for everyone involved. To ensure your new addition gets off on the right paw, puppy kindergarten classes are a great option. While many training basics can be accomplished at home on your own, there are some major benefits to professional puppy training classes.

Here’s what to expect:

Social Benefits of Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy kindergarten classes, taught by a professional dog trainer, provide much more than just instructions for housebreaking and positive reinforcement. They also provide a safe environment for puppy socialization.

Dog-to-dog interaction is a crucial element of social development for puppies. However, because puppies have not had all of their vaccines, socializing at dog parks or while on walks isn’t a great idea. All of the puppies enrolled in your puppy training class will be similar in age, and up to date on important vaccines. This means they are safe, age appropriate and healthy playmates for your puppy!

And, just like in a real kindergarten classroom, your puppy’s teacher knows attention spans are short, and will provide plenty of time for playing with new friends once the hard work is over.

Relationship Benefits of Puppy Kindergarten

When you enroll your new puppy in a professional training program, you are not just teaching him or her new skills. You are also providing an opportunity to have a professional trainer help improve the bond between you and your puppy.

Your trainer will be able to help improve your training techniques. He or she will be able to spot problem behaviors that you might not have noticed. Most importantly, your trainer will help you learn how to communicate with your puppy in a firm and loving manner that will establish you as the top dog in your puppy’s new pack.

Educational Benefits of Puppy Kindergarten

Learning never stops when you take on the responsibility of a puppy. Even seasoned dog owners will marvel at how different every puppy is from the next. Your trainer will be on-hand to answer questions and provide advice during the most critical stage of your puppy’s development.

Our trainers are happy to offer suggestions on housebreaking, nutrition, grooming, dental care and basic well-puppy health topics.

The decision to adopt a puppy is a big one, but one that offers a lifetime of rewards. In addition to scheduling your well-puppy veterinary visit; help your new best friend get off to the right start by enrolling in our puppy kindergarten class today. Read descriptions of our classes and check our training calendar for upcoming classes.