black catsGazing into the yellow eyes of a black cat can have a hypnotizing, calming effect. While we certainly feel great about these sweet, friendly felines, they haven’t always held the good graces of human care takers like other cats have. The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are among the throngs of other black cat fanciers around the globe who aim to reverse this unearned reputation. Unfortunately, at Halloween, black cats simply need extra protection.

At the Root

It’s been said that of all the different colored cats, black cats are the most similar to their wild ancestors. In fact, black cats were among the first cats to emerge from the wild before their ultimate domestication. This could explain why people first distrusted them, but the superstitions that followed over centuries are purely unjustified.

A Few Points

If you own a black cat, you’re lucky – but not just in our book. Numerous cultures embrace black cats as omens of good luck or fortune. Remember they were once worshipped in ancient Egypt? Not only that, but places throughout Asia and parts of the UK considered it wise to have a black cat because they kept evil spirits away.

Isn’t That Ironic?

Western cultures, however, have widely adopted the erroneous theory that black cats are the harbingers of bad luck, poor health, or ill fortune. They’ve been associated with witchcraft over the centuries and even burned at the stake with people thought to practice the dark arts. This could have to do with the ways that black cats appear almost invisible at night, a time when most witches were allegedly out and about, too.


Perhaps it’s their ability to blend in with the darkness that actually boosted their amazing survival over the years. Seemingly able to disappear into the shadows might be one of their greatest accomplishments, but, unfortunately, the scrutiny of those afraid of them paved the way for unfortunate prejudice.

Protect Black Cats

Black cats deserve to be adopted at the same rate as other cats, but their numbers are dwindling. Often the last cats to be adopted, black cats tend to be euthanized instead of placed in forever homes. While this may have to do with myths and superstitions attached to their fur color, many people report they’re less photogenic than other cats. Whatever the case may be, black cats are special animals. Sweet and friendly by nature, we love black cats and want to protect them.

Halloween can be a scary holiday for many pets, but black cats are at an increased risk of accident or injury. Please keep black cats indoors to protect against motor vehicle accidents and injuries incurred by Halloween mischief-makers.

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Let Us Know

If The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center can help you with further Halloween pet safety, please let us know. We’re always here for you and your pet and hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!