White cat sitting in a bag for the animals on the benchThere are pros and cons to nearly all of life’s conundrums. We aren’t asking why boxing rings are square or what the best invention was before sliced bread came around. Instead, our ponderings always involve pet care, which is why we’re wondering: Should your cat travel with you this year?

Before You Decide

The most important factor in regard to cat travel is whether your pet is healthy enough to leave the comforts of home. Before taking off, schedule an appointment with us. Your senior cat may not cope well on a road trip or airplane ride. Similarly, traveling with a cat who requires medication may also not be a great idea.

Of course, it’s hard to think about leaving your cat behind as you embark on a vacation. However, he or she may benefit from staying at home with a cat sitter or being with us at our fabulous boarding facility. Please let us know if we can help you make the right decision for your cat.

Your Destination Matters

Obviously, your cat cannot accompany you on certain trips such as backpacking or white water rafting, but he or she might enjoy destinations that are decidedly cat friendly (check out the Queen Mary 2).

Before you book, check out which hotels or airlines market themselves as cat or pet friendly. Make sure you understand all the rules and restrictions before committing.

The Cons of Cat Travel

Your cat is truly a creature of habit, so packing up his or her things can be surprising at best and upsetting at worst. Plus, cat travel can be very scary or stressful, especially if you’re separated from each other. Sure, your cat will miss you if you take a trip by yourself, but ultimately, it may be in his or her best interest.

The Bright Side

There are some cats out there who simply adore traveling, but they are few and far between. When considering cat travel, the general consensus is to provide the very best care while you are away. When you return, you can spoil your cat with all the love and affection he or she earned in your absence.

The Pet Experts are happy to assist you in your decision about cat travel – or anything pet related! Good luck and have fun this summer!