Common Cat Myths Debunked!

Since their emergence around the time of the ancient Egyptians (or maybe earlier, studies suggest), cats and myths have gone hand-in-hand. Indeed, no other pet is as intimately linked with myth, legend, superstition, and folklore as the cat. Perhaps it’s their beautiful and graceful way of moving, or their killer instincts, or the fact that, although they live together with humans, cats have retained most of the genes and mannerisms of their wild cousins.

Whatever the reason, cat myths abound in cultures around the world, and while many of them have a base in reality, most are just plain false. The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center have done our research and are excited to share with you the most common misconceptions about our beautiful feline friends.


Extra Vigilance for Pets on Halloween? Yes, Especially Black Cats

black catsGazing into the yellow eyes of a black cat can have a hypnotizing, calming effect. While we certainly feel great about these sweet, friendly felines, they haven’t always held the good graces of human care takers like other cats have. The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are among the throngs of other black cat fanciers around the globe who aim to reverse this unearned reputation. Unfortunately, at Halloween, black cats simply need extra protection.


What are Cat Whiskers Really For?

Cats are mysterious and seemingly difficult to “de-code,” but there are lots of ways to interpret how they feel. The tail, for instance, can signal a variety of moods and can either warn against contact or invite affection. Also, the eyes and ears have the potential to communicate feline emotions; we just have to be observant of their subtle changes. However, among their many physical characteristics, The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center believe that cat whiskers take the cake when it comes to communication – and much more.


Indoor Cat Care Tips to Keep Your Feline Happy and Healthy

Gone are the days when we viewed cats as “outdoor only” pets or mousers for the barn, and this is good news indeed. Even if your pet ventures out on a leash or enjoys some playtime in the sun, most savvy pet owners understand that an indoor cat is typically a healthier cat with a longer life expectancy.

Indoor cats, however, can develop some challenges of their own – namely, in the form of exercise and weight management. The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center can help keep your indoor kitty at his or her best with some tips on indoor cat care.

Exercise and Weight Management

Keeping your cat indoors is the best option for reducing risk and promoting health, but unlike outdoor cats, indoor kitties often need encouragement in the exercise department. After all, a day spent snoozing in a sunny spot can diminish important opportunities for exercise.


Truth Be Told: Our Favorite Cat Myths Debunked

Funny Crazy CatCats can be elusive; a characteristic that has, over the course of centuries, placed a target on their sleek backsides. It hasn’t been all negative attention, though, and numerous cultures worldwide have honored the species as the symbols for fertility, good harvests, and even divinity.

As far as The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are concerned, a modern day household just isn’t complete without a mysterious four-legged creature slinking about, or jumping onto surfaces multiple times their height. That’s why we want to dispel the most popular cat myths, and help our friendly felines take their rightful places alongside other faithful companions. Continue…

How to Tell if Your Cat Loves You

human hands make heart shape and cute catYou adore your cat and will do anything for him or her, but does your cat feel the same about you? Felines have a reputation for being standoffish and aloof; while we appreciate these unique characteristics, they sometimes lead us to wonder how a cat truly feels. Let The Pet Experts shed some light on how to tell if your cat loves you.

Body Language

In general, cats are not loud, in-your-face communicators. They don’t wag their tails, lick your face, or constantly follow you around. Instead, they express themselves using subtle body language cues. Continue…

Imagining Great DIY Cat Toys

Tabby Cat Licking a Cat ToyCommercial cat toys generally appeal to a cat’s intrinsic desires to chase, explore, solve problems, and receive rewards. Have you ever purchased a toy that you thought your cat would go bananas over, only to find it discarded and ignored within minutes? Or, even more baffling, did your cat play with the packaging instead?

You aren’t alone. That’s why DIY cat toys have become all the rage, and The Pet Experts are driving the bandwagon! This is not only better for your wallet, but homemade (or repurposed) cat toys reduces waste and benefits the environment. Win-win! Continue…

Ciao, Meow! What to Know Before Traveling With a Cat

Elmhurst_iStock_000083088945_LargeWhile there are owners who dread the thought of traveling with a cat, there are times when there’s simply no other choice. Perhaps you’re relocating or boarding isn’t your cat’s cup of kibble…or maybe you and your cat actually enjoy being away from home together! Whatever the case may be, the pet experts can help steer you and your cat toward a safe, happy, and comfortable trip. Continue…

Whiskers Worthy: Why To Choose a Cat Friendly Veterinary Practice

iStock_000012298746_LargeThere are many good reasons to choose a veterinary clinic that is cat friendly. By friendly, we mean both accommodating to you and your feline friend as soon as you walk in the door, as well as providing excellent care for your kitty.

According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, cats are the top pet in the United States, with more than 3 million feline homes, but are less likely to receive veterinary care. This is an enormous disservice to our whiskered friends, since they, too, require wellness care to get the most out of their lives. Continue…

Managing Feline Diabetes

Coping with and managing the symptoms of a cat living with diabetes can consume worried cat owners, especially if the diagnosis is recent. After months of potential confusion and frustration, many people can experience stress – or even grief – over their cats’ diagnosis of diabetes.

You (or someone you know) may feel helpless regarding how to best help a diabetic cat, but the Pet Experts are here to support families living with a diabetic cat. Whether you are learning about feline diabetes to prevent it or coping with the disease, we are here to answer all of your questions. Continue…