Fictitious Fido: Debunking Popular Dog Myths

There are myths and misconceptions about virtually every animal, but when it comes to pets, there are so many more! This is because we spend our lives observing and interacting with them so closely and often form many assumptions about their health and behaviors.

In a previous blog, we debunked several common cat myths. This week, The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center want to discuss popular dog myths and how these seemingly innocuous beliefs could result in negative outcomes.






Curious Dog Behavior: Why do Pups Drink From the Toilet?

Most dog owners are well aware that their dogs have certain unsavory interests, but that doesn’t mean canines are unilaterally excused from basic etiquette. Butt-scooting, humping, and drooling are all part of the pup package, but drinking from the toilet is one dog behavior that continues to elicit mixed reactions.

If you’re like other dog lovers out there, you may be wondering when to simply shake your head (but allow this dog behavior to happen) and when to become worried about the risks. Let The Pet Experts help you figure it out!

Product Placement

A consumer can feel overwhelmed by all the available cleaning products, specifically for toilet cleaning. From blue-water tablets and sprays to deodorizers and scrubs, toilet cleaners come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. It’s all in the name of sanitation, but when you think about your dog guzzling down toilet water that’s full of chemicals, the alternative may seem safer.


When Cat Nips Turn into Cat Bites: Understanding Feline Behavior

cat bitesIf you had sharp, pointy teeth, wouldn’t it be a shame not to use them every once in awhile? This could certainly answer the question “Why does my cat bite me?”, but to truly understand this common feline behavior, we must look beyond boredom or entertainment. Indeed, the reasoning behind cat bites can vary inexplicably from one moment to the next.

The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center welcome you into the always mysterious, never boring world of catty quirks.

The Extent

Most cat owners nod when asked if their cats have ever bitten them, but that doesn’t mean they know why. Cat bites can be the result of stress, fear, impatience, boredom, or anxiety, but they can equally occur out of playfulness, curiosity, or even affection.


The Great Mysteries of Life: Why Dogs Lick Ears

Let’s face it, dogs have some quirky habits. Whether it is staring at the dishwasher, bogarting the bed, or an obsession with your underwear, most of our canine companions have a strange tendency or two. While The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center may not know exactly why your dog does everything he or she does, today we tackle one of the great mysteries of pet ownership: why dogs lick ears.

The Behavioral Aspects of Ear Licking

When it comes to answering why dogs lick ears, there seem to be some powerful behavioral forces at play. Dogs by nature are pack-oriented, and because of this, many of their behaviors can be explained by communication and social structure.


Minding Your P’s and Q’s: Pet Etiquette in Public Places

Elmhurst_BevHills_iStock_000068352321_LargeOur culture is a pet-centric one and for that, we are downright tickled. Pets are now welcome in most restaurants, shopping areas, airplanes, and hotels around the country. However, while we can go almost anywhere with our pets, it doesn’t mean that we should.

To keep your pet safe and to have a positive experience, pet etiquette should be observed in public places. Good behavior can go a long way, especially when it comes to other pets and children. Elmhurst Animal Care Center strives to help you find that joyful balance. Continue…

Whiskers Worthy: Why To Choose a Cat Friendly Veterinary Practice

iStock_000012298746_LargeThere are many good reasons to choose a veterinary clinic that is cat friendly. By friendly, we mean both accommodating to you and your feline friend as soon as you walk in the door, as well as providing excellent care for your kitty.

According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, cats are the top pet in the United States, with more than 3 million feline homes, but are less likely to receive veterinary care. This is an enormous disservice to our whiskered friends, since they, too, require wellness care to get the most out of their lives. Continue…

Outdoor Party Tips and (P)etiquette

Elmhurst_iStock_000050922562_LargeWe know how to party in Chicagoland, especially after a long, cold, gray winter.  When the sun’s rays first make their appearance, we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy them with family, friends, and, of course, our pets. Summer activities may include a family visit, your boss’s barbecue, or a friend’s doggie birthday party. Learn how to celebrate safely with your pets this summer using proper etiquette using these tips from the Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center! Continue…

Dog Park Finesse: Do You and Your Dog Have What it Takes?

Elmhurst_iStock_000003940303_MediumDuPage County boasts several natural areas, parks, lakeside trails, and other outdoor recreation possibilities. Because of this, it’s no wonder that so many dog owners are anxious to get out there with their intrepid canines as soon as the weather permits.

For many, dog parks, such as Mayslake Forest Preserve Dog Park – a sprawling off-leash, fenced-in wonderland for dogs – are a natural choice. Unfortunately (and you probably know what we’re about to say), some dogs are not exactly prepared for the social occasion. Continue…

The Well-Behaved Pooch: Best Practices in Dog Training

“Get back here!”

“No, no, no… No, Riley, no!”

“Mac, drop it. Drop it, Mac. Maaaaaaaac!!”

iStock_000021930272_LargeThere’s perhaps nothing as annoying as listening to someone yell at his or her dog, who has decided to explore or eat something, roam or simply misbehave. Yet, at every park or campground, we often hear the familiar and droning scolding of a pooch on the loose.

Likewise, it can be frustrating to be that pet owner scolding away at your pet… But there is hope.

Ideally, you have had the opportunity to start your dog training classes when your pooch was a puppy, generally beginning at 10-12 weeks of age (an ideal time for behavioral training and socialization). However, the reality is, many of us adopt dogs who have not been trained or exposed to dog parks and other social places. Many shelter dogs or rescues have been subjected to stressful environments where behavioral challenges and fears can be developed. Continue…

School Season Blues: How to Help Separation Anxiety in Pets

iStock_000015693942_MediumAll summer long, your kids and their best four-legged friends have bonded over trips to the park, lazy days by the pool, and sprints across the lawn. Now you and your family have turned your attention to papers, pencils, new clothes, and busy schedules as the alarm clock announces another crazy day ahead. In the hustle and bustle, though, your pets may find themselves having to adjust to all of the changes the back-to-school season brings.

Although we think of the new school season in terms of our children’s adjustment to new classmates, classes, and experiences, it is important to remember that pets often suffer from some separation anxiety and stress in response to the change in routine.

While these shake-ups in family schedules are unavoidable, there are some ways you can help acclimate your pet to their flipped routine and make the process less daunting for your furry  family member. Continue…