A cat near the coastWhile there are owners who dread the thought of traveling with a cat, there are times when there’s simply no other choice. Perhaps you’re relocating or boarding isn’t your cat’s cup of kibble…or maybe you and your cat actually enjoy being away from home together! Whatever the case may be, the pet experts can help steer you and your cat toward a safe, happy, and comfortable trip.

Fluffy in a Crate?

Coaxing an anxious feline into his or her travel carrier is no small feat. This excruciating process is out-matched only by the persistent yowling throughout the entire trip. Sure, this isn’t true for every cat, but if this sounds familiar, consider putting crate training at the top of your to-do list.

Traveling With a Cat

It’s imperative that your cat is comfortable in his or her carrier and can breathe normally once inside. If driving, do not allow your pet to roam freely about the car. Instead, fasten the carrier to the seat through the handle, and place soft blankets inside the carrier to prevent your cat from sliding around. A longer trip might facilitate the need for a larger crate with a litter box inside, but the same tips apply.

Remember, never leave your cat inside a parked car during warm weather. In a short amount of time, temperatures can skyrocket to triple digits, placing your cat in a perilous situation.

Don’t Forget!

During your trip, we recommend bringing – or having access to – your pet’s complete health history. Medical records can come in handy while away from home, especially if medication is necessary. Likewise, depending on where you go, proof of vaccination may be mandatory.

Your pet’s microchip is important all the time, but in an unfamiliar environment (with new sights and smells) it’s especially vital.

We also like the idea of marking your cat’s carrier with your contact information. While this is necessary for air travel (especially internationally), tagging your crate is just one more small thing that can make a big difference in unforeseen circumstances.

The Bare Necessities

Remember to pack your pet’s preferred food, bowls, toys, and bedding. Even the hint of home can soothe a worried, confused animal. When you stop or arrive at your destination, give your cat a little space and time to figure out his or her new surroundings. Provide a fresh pan of litter, clean water, and a small meal. Wait for your cat to come to you for comfort.


Whether you’re bringing home a new kitten from out of state or just hitting the road for fun, your cat’s whiskers needn’t get all twitchy. With a little time and planning, traveling with a cat can be a rollicking adventure.

As always, the pet experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are here for you and your companion. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about traveling with a cat.