There is almost nothing as scary as a dog fight. No one wants to have their pet involved in one, and most people will do anything to avoid a confrontation between their dog and another.

In order to successfully avoid a dog fight, it is important to understand why they occur

There are a few common triggers for fights between dogs:

  • Fear. Many dogs have had experiences in the past or have not learned proper doggy communication as puppies, and so fear interactions with other dogs.
  • Social dynamics. Sibling rivalry and struggles to define a social hierarchy, especially as pets mature, can trigger fighting. Most times these fights are brief and do not result in injury. If they are frequent or serious, help from a veterinary trainer or behaviorist may be required.
  • Resources. Dogs can fight over food, toys, sleeping spots, or attention. It is important to desensitize your dog to this type of possessiveness to avoid aggression towards other pets and even humans.

Professional training advice can help

If your dog shows aggression towards other dogs, it is important to seek professional training advice. Talk to us about our training services. In the meantime, try to avoid situations that may trigger a negative response. It is also important to never put yourself in harm’s way should a dog fight ensue. By understanding what may trigger your dog to act out, you can usually effectively avoid such situations.