funny petsThere’s no question that pets are funny, and they make us laugh all the time. But do they mean to? In other words, do pets have a “sense of humor” and are they keyed into the positive response to their antics? Or is it more likely that funny pets have no idea that their behaviors make us giggle and laugh? The Pet Experts dive into this subject with open arms (and a big ‘ole smile!).

Where’s the Funny Bone?

Animals have distinct personalities, so it’s not a huge leap to believe they do indeed have senses of humor. While they may not approach comedy in the same (or even remotely similar) ways that people do, they certainly find amusement in doing certain things.

Dogs are well known for their can-do attitude when it comes to pleasing their people. If whatever they do elicits the response of happiness and laughter, it’s only natural to believe they know they’re being funny and will make efforts to duplicate the positive association.

Not Always Intentional

This is not to say, however, that all the entertaining aspects about our pets register inside their brains. On the contrary, many funny pets probably don’t fully realize they’re being humorous, and perhaps that’s the most charming thing about them.

Physical comedy is probably the most common type of humor employed by funny pets. They can certainly be clever, but most of what they do that’s funny has to do with how they move, play, and express themselves.

Cats and Birds

Research supports the theory that cats only care about amusing themselves. Of course, each individual pet is different. Without a doubt, there are cats who are highly intuitive to their owner’s feelings and react to them in kind. So, if an owner is laughing at their best kitty friend, their cat may very well find themselves behaving in a way that provokes the same happy reaction.

We recommend googling “funny birds.” You’ll be amazed at how many videos pop up featuring hilarious birds. Whether they mean to be so funny, though, is still up for debate. After we wipe the happy tears from our faces (and close down all the funny videos), we might be able to figure out whether birds intend to be so amusing.

Funny Pets = Happy Pets

If you ever have questions or concerns about your pet’s behavior, habits, personality, or interests, we welcome your call. The Pet Experts are always here for owners and their funny pets!