A black cat on the roadNobody blinks when they pay monthly car insurance premiums or invest in good health plans. Instead, we all recognize the value of protecting what’s important to us. When it comes to safeguarding your pet’s health and longevity, there are also health insurance plans, disease prevention methods, and dental care practices that demand time, attention, and money. However, microchipping your pet is the best insurance against ever becoming permanently separated, and aids in a swift return of a lost or missing pet.

Tiny, Easy, Effective

It sounds like something you’d see on the Syfy channel, and microchipping your pet is sort of a glimpse into the future.

About the size of a grain or rice, microchips are an excellent back-up to a pet’s collar and ID tags (which can be removed). While they don’t transmit location, microchips employ RFID, or radio frequency identification. When placed under a microchip scanner, a number comes up on the screen. Only when the number on the scanner is plugged into a national database can the pet owner’s information can be revealed.

Quick, Relatively Pain-free

The Pet Experts understand that some pet owners worry about associated pain. When inserted with a needle, the microchip lies just beneath the surface of the skin, typically between the shoulder blades. It is remarkably similar to the sensation connected to a routine vaccination.

With that said, it may be convenient to microchip your pet while they’re already anesthetized for the spaying or neutering procedure. Either way, microchipping your pet starts working as soon as it’s implanted with little to zero healing time.

The Final Step When Microchipping Your Pet

Pet owners must register their pet’s chip directly with the chip’s manufacturer. Without this final, vital step, the benefits of microchipping your pet decrease. Once your contact information is synchronized to your pet’s chip, if they are ever lost or missing, your name and number will pop up on the scanner.

Should your contact information ever change, we urge you to update your pet’s microchip to avoid any hiccups in a fateful reunion process.

Home Sweet Home

We regard Microchipping as an important step in owning a pet. We are holding a Microchipping Event on August 9th, which is in partnership with Girl Scout Troop 41939 to earn their silver award. Together we are supporting personal pets in need, that may have not otherwise been microchipped. If you or someone you know that owns a pet, may need this service, come on by and see us!

The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center know the effects that accidental separation can have on a pet and their family. Download our coupon for new patients that offers a free microchip with your pets first exam. Because home is where your pet belongs, we invite you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.