A cat and dog cuddling in the outsideElmhurst Animal Care Center is very excited to be able to offer one of the newest flea and tick preventatives on the market: NexGard. This oral parasite preventative has recently been approved by the FDA as a safe, effective option for external parasite control for dogs. Our staff is pretty excited about NexGard – here’s why…

Why NexGard is Different

Until recently, pet owners had to rely on topical spot-on products or collars to provide good flea and tick control. This presented challenges for some pet owners:

  • Topicals can be messy
  • Bathing and swimming can influence effectiveness
  • Some pets with sensitive skin do not tolerate these well
  • Concerns about exposure to cats and children
  • Issues with applying topicals down on the skin as directed

Because NexGard is administered orally, none of these problems are a concern. NexGard is conveniently dosed as a tasty beef-flavored chewable that most dogs eat willingly.

NexGard and Safety

The main ingredient in NexGard is called afoxolaner. This ingredient has been shown by the FDA to be safe. However, like with any medication, a small number of pets may experience side effects. These are infrequent and tend to be mild, however your pet may experience loss of appetite and digestive upset.

NexGard is safe for use in puppies as young as 8 weeks of age that weigh at least 4 pounds. It is also safely able to be given with other medications and parasite preventatives.

How to Administer NexGard

Dosing NexGard is easy, making many of the most common reasons for parasite prevention failures obsolete. Simply take the chewable tablet out of the packaging and give it to your dog. Because the soft beef-flavored chew is highly tasty (or so we’ve been told), there is no need to hide it in other treats or manually administer it to your dog.

NexGard should be given every 30 days. Because you can give it at the same time as your pet’s heartworm prevention, it is easy to remember to administer it.

NexGard is Effective

There are many flea and tick products out there that do not necessarily work very well. NexGard has been shown to be a very effective option for dogs, however. In studies it has been shown to:

  • Begin killing fleas within 4 hours
  • Effectively kill all fleas within 24 hours
  • Provide continued efficacy throughout the month
  • Kill ticks including the Black-legged tick, American Dog tick, and the Lone Star tick

Merial is so confident in its product, NexGard also comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Essentially if you are not happy with the medication, you could be entitled to a refund or pest-control services from Terminex.

Please call our office with any questions. We are happy to discuss your questions about parasite preventatives for your dog. Some pets will be best protected by a topical parasitic preventative, but we are excited to add NexGard to our options for your dog.