A dog with his head popping out of his travel bag.

Summer is right around the corner, and while you’re making your vacation plans, don’t forget to plan ahead for pet boarding. Openings fill up quickly during the summer months, and you want to give yourself plenty of time to choose a trusted boarding facility that will give your pet the best experience possible.

At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, we know a thing or two about pet boarding! We provide safe, secure boarding that includes dog suites and luxury kitty condos in our climate-controlled facility. We understand how hard it can be to leave your dog or cat behind when you’re away from home, so our compassionate pet experts have put together some things to look for when choosing a boarding facility for your pet.

Does the Facility Allow Tours?

A quality boarding facility should welcome—and even encourage—a sneak peek before your pet’s big stay. This gives you and your pet a chance to see the accommodations first-hand and meet the staff. Does the facility also offer doggie daycare? If so, enroll your dog in a couple of sessions so she can become familiar with the facility. 

Check Out the Amenities

For your pet’s optimal safety and comfort, the boarding facility should offer the following:

  • Separate areas for cats and dogs
  • Lodging that is large enough so that your pet can move around comfortably
  • Plenty of opportunities for playful interactions and exercise
  • Clean living conditions with minimal odor
  • Natural lighting
  • Climate control
  • Non-slip flooring
  • High-quality ventilation

Does the Facility Have a Vaccination Policy?

A conscientious facility will require proof of vaccination and deworming status for all pets, as well as flea and tick prevention

Medical Emergencies

Does the facility have a detailed plan for medical emergencies? Will they take into account your care requests for specific situations?

Special Considerations

Make sure the staff will administer medications on schedule or feed your pet a special diet if needed. 

Ask About Add-Ons

If the boarding facility is part of a full-service veterinary clinic, you may be able to schedule other helpful services, such as a routine checkup, a session with a trainer, or  a grooming appointment during your pet’s stay.

Is the Team a Good Fit for Your Pet?

Ultimately, what separates good boarding facilities from great ones is the level of compassion displayed by staff. They should welcome your pet with open arms and show a genuine interest in getting to know your pet and all of her silly quirks. Talk to the team, ask questions, and make sure you are completely comfortable leaving your fur baby in their care.

Be Our Guest!

If you’re planning some time away, we hope you will consider our boarding facility at Elmhurst Animal Care Center. We genuinely love taking care of your cats and dogs, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about our accommodations. Contact us anytime!