pet costumesYou know that feeling when you look at your pet and start to well up inside because of how cute they are and how much you love them? Well, take those good feelings and imagine your pet all dressed up for Halloween!

If your love and affection just hit the roof, it may be time to consider shopping for pet costumes. The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center have done some browsing for you, and we hope you’re inspired by the potential for extreme Halloween cuteness.

Best Dressed Pets

Halloween is a wonderful time to get involved with your neighbors and other pet owners. These days, most families embrace pet costumes, so we’re sure your furry friend won’t be the only one on the block.

All the Same?

Not all pet costumes can be considered safe. When dressing up your pup or kitty, please make sure they can breathe easily and without restrictions. Also, full vision and movement are required for Halloween safety and being able to go to the bathroom is non-negotiable. Remember, while masks look cute, they’re notoriously difficult for pets to tolerate.

Other Safety Pointers

Before buying the perfect look for your pet, take a close look at the dangling or loose pieces and be aware of items that could easily be chewed off and become choking hazards.

Pet costumes should not entirely cover up the collar or ID tags. As a side note, if you’ve made any changes to your contact information (address or phone number), please update your pet’s microchip. Halloween can trigger fight or flight reactions in pets, and it’s not uncommon for pets to go missing. Reflective or light up gear is an asset if out and about on Halloween night.

Look Out!

If your pet displays any signs of stress, fear, or anxiety while dressed up, please give them a break. Always be sure to provide a safe space for your pet to hang out in without loud noises, food dangers, and strangers.

Adorable Pet Costumes

Once you have your Halloween pet safety tactics down, you can choose from an endless selection of commercial or DIY pet costumes. To get you started, The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center suggest:

Good Try

In spite of your best efforts, your pet may decide that a costume isn’t of interest. Luckily, they can still be festive with a bow tie or bandana. Be sure to also join us for our Mystic Market Halloween Party and Adoption Event on October 21st.

Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns about pet costumes, and be sure to send us some pictures of your pet’s great Halloween look!