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Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Pet Grooming: It’s More Than Just Looks

A Corgi Taking a Bath

February 17, 2022

Grooming your pet – that is, bathing, conditioning, trimming, and brushing – can feel like extra chores on an already long list.

But when you consider how good pet grooming is for overall health and wellness, it’s the kind of activity that you may come to value. Nope, grooming isn’t just for the aesthetics, and The Pet Experts at our hospital have some advice on ways to unleash your inner stylist.

Lookin’ Good

We feel lighter after a haircut, and so do pets. An ungroomed pet feels the pull and tug of tangled, heavy hair, and doesn’t tend to live the same quality of life as those with routine treatments. Even pets with shorter-haired coats can experience a type of weight that might serve them well in sub-zero temperatures, but certainly not in spring or summer. Brushing also distributes the skin’s oils, adding to a lustrous shine on the coat.

Additionally, by brushing out a cat, you can decrease the amount of hair that would become ingested during self-grooming. What’s the benefit of that? Fewer hairballs!

Happy Equals Healthy

Cultivating and supporting pet wellness adds exponentially to an animal’s relative happiness. As with us, happiness is often equated with health.

To go a level deeper, when your pet’s skin and body is inspected on a regular basis (sometimes even daily), any abnormalities can be noticed and promptly treated. For example, lumps, bumps, cuts, lesions, and parasites might all be normal, but if not, early detection increases the chances of a positive prognosis.

Expert Pet Grooming

Treating your pet to a luxurious bath will not only leave them smelling sweet, but when we wash away dirt, debris, dandruff, odor, and loose hair, they will also feel fresh, clean, light, and revitalized.

Brushing represents a window of opportunity to, of course, loosen up and remove dead hairs and inspect your pet’s body for any lumps, bumps, bald patches, and parasites.

Extra Bennies

Pet grooming gives insight into the health and overall condition of the ears, eyes, teeth/gums, and feet. Nail trimming is exceedingly important, as long, overgrown nails can contribute to injury and joint pain.

Because our hospital wholeheartedly believes in the value and importance of pet grooming, we offer grooming promotions throughout the year. While you add to your pet’s vitality and happiness, you also get to experience a smooth, soft, great-smelling pet! Win-win!