Style: "Neutral"Good habits in the pet grooming department are key to your furry friend’s overall health, comfort, and happiness. Pet grooming maintains your pet’s fur, skin, teeth and nails. As pet owners, we need to have the knowledge and correct tools to get the job done.

With our busy schedules, personally tending to all of your pet’s skin, fur, oral, and nail needs can leave you with a full schedule. Sometimes it is all we can do to tend to our own grooming!

Elmhurst Animal Care Center understands and is proud to offer full-scale grooming where we are committed to treating your pet like family. Together, we can support your pet’s wellness with a dedicated and complete grooming regimen.

Bad Hair Day

To keep your pet groomed, your pet should see a professional groomer every 4-6 weeks and at shorter intervals during months where your pet’s coat needs more attention. The following items are addressed during your pet’s appointment:

  • Nails will be trimmed (required every 4 weeks or so)
  • Shampoo (Bubbly Spa Grooming will provide a luxurious bath)
  • Clip or shear fur
  • Inspection and cleaning of the eyes, ears, paws, skin
  • Check for any abnormalities (such as infection, parasites, lumps or bumps, etc.) on or under the skin that need to be addressed by a veterinarian. Our groomers are often the person who first discovers these skin issues.

Of course, your pet may require additional care like de-skunking, anal gland expression, mat removal, or special styling.

Before we get started, we consult with you and hope for full-disclosure when it comes to your pet’s grooming experiences at home. This helps us frame our time appropriately so we can best serve your pet.


Depending on your pet’s species, breed, and disposition, you may need to invest in specific grooming tools, but generally a good brush, comb, and pet shampoo will go a long way towards refreshing your pet’s fur and skin at home.

Between appointments, your at-home grooming routine should include:

  • Periodic bathing (overbathing will dry out your pet’s skin)
  • Brushing out your pet’s coat
  • Combing out mats
  • Checking eyes for any build-up or clogs
  • Feeling nails and trimming them, if applicable
  • Inspecting and brushing teeth and gums

Clean Bill Of Health

Speaking of your pet’s teeth and gums, did you know that dental health is incredibly important to your pet’s wellbeing and longevity? Many pet owners shy away from this chore but with guidance and practice you will be a champion of pet tooth brushing soon enough.

At your pet’s grooming appointment we can certainly discuss your cat or dog’s need for a thorough dental exam, and we are happy to help with scheduling this.

Satisfied Customers

Our groomers truly love what they do and appreciate all the pets visiting the spa. To show new clients our passion, we are offering a 50% off first visit special. We are confident that our skilled groomers will be able to count you and your pet as happy customers after a successful grooming. Here’s to you and your clean, and fluffy pet!