Halloween hazards for pets.

Ghost and goblins aren’t the only Halloween hazards for pets this season.  A lot of the most popular aspects of the holiday can be really dangerous for your furry friends. As you consider your costume and snack on some festive treats, keep an eye out for these top Halloween pet dangers:


This common Halloween treat is not for your pet. Chocolate, especially in the form of dark or baking chocolate, can be toxic for dogs and cats. If you think your pet has gotten into your chocolate supply, call us immediately.

Artificial sweeteners

Beware of baked goods or candies sweetened with xylitol.  Just a small amount of this artificial sweetener could be deadly. If you have candy or peanut butter with this ingredient, be sure to keep it safely locked away in an area where your pets cannot reach it.

Halloween Plants: An Unsuspecting Halloween Hazard for Pets

Traditional Halloween decorations like pumpkins and corn are not toxic, but ingestion could cause digestive upset or an obstruction. Other fall plants like mums, red maple, and Ginko trees are all toxic for pets, so use caution when decorating or letting pets wander outside.

Wires and Electrical cords

Decorating for the holidays often leads to cords in places where they are not normally.  Be sure all these are out of the reach of curious teeth and that your pet cannot become tangled in them. Chewing on electric cords can lead to electrocution or digestive upset.


If you choose to light up your Jack O’Lantern with a candle, keep it out of the way of mischievous cats and dogs to prevent burns or house fires. All it takes is one good flick of a tail to turn a festive decoration into an emergency situation.


If you choose to dress up your pet, be sure that its costume fits well and does not obstruct vision, hearing, or breathing. A costumed pet should always be supervised so that it does not become tangled in the costume or chew off pieces.

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Trick or Treaters

When opening your door to hand out candy, be sure your pets are secure in the house.  Stressful activity and an open door can lead to lost pets very quickly.


Be sure that tempting decorations like tinsel, ribbons, and other potentially ingestible items are kept out of reach from curious pets.

If you think that your pet may have gotten into something that he shouldn’t have, please don’t hesitate to call us.