Did you know that we are now utilizing a new type of heartworm testing kit known as the SNAP 4DX? Learn more about what that means to you and your pet!

What is the Snap 4DX Heartworm Test?

The SNAP 4DX is a small test kit that allows your veterinarian to check your dog for not only heartworm disease, but also three tick-borne diseases (Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis). The test uses a few drops of blood and yields results within minutes.  The technology that is used is also extremely accurate.

Why is the Snap 4DX so important?

Tick borne diseases are serious business. All three diseases are treatable with antibiotics, but they must be detected before they can be treated. By running a SNAP 4DX your veterinarian can know in minutes if your pet has been exposed to one of these diseases and begin appropriate treatment immediately. Heartworms are also no laughing matter. It is extremely important to screen all pets on an annual basis. Detecting them early means better treatment outcomes.

Because the SNAP 4DX test gives us fast, accurate results for multiple diseases, that means that we can be sure that we are detecting these infections early and institute appropriate therapy immediately. Unfortunately, ticks are out there and we are learning firsthand about how many dogs are affected by these diseases.

We all want our pets to remain happy and healthy for a long time to come, and by utilizing technology such as the SNAP 4DX we are able to treat and prevent serious diseases. Negative heartworm and Lyme disease tests allow us to use heartworm preventatives and Lyme vaccines safely and effectively, while positive tests allow us to treat these diseases. Tick-borne diseases can look like many different problems, so screening with routine testing can help your vet to diagnose your dog more quickly than previously.