A dalmatian sitting in a suitcaseAs summer begins, many of us are making plans for our summer vacations, camping trips, and family reunions. And whether your pet is traveling with you, or staying with us, you’ll want to be sure that your four-legged friend will have everything he or she will need to be comfortable away from home.

Here’s what your pet will need for his or her summer vacation…

Packing for Your Pet On the Road

If you’re taking Fido along on your summer adventures, you’ll want to make sure to pack the following:

  • A collar with current ID tags and an updated microchip as back-up identification
  • A dependable leash, and a lead that can be used to secure your pet outdoors, if needed
  • A crate or carrier, if it’s practical (not all large-breed crates are travel friendly)
  • Food and fresh drinking water, plus bowls (and treats!)
  • Waste disposal bags
  • A blanket or bed, and something familiar to snuggle
  • A toy, or some other distraction to stave off boredom in the car and at your destination
  • Any medications that he or she needs, as well as dosage instructions
  • Any sweaters or jackets that your pet may need, especially if you’re camping – just because it’s hot in the city, doesn’t mean it will be in the woods

You may want to consider keeping all of your pet’s gear together in a reusable shopping bag or backpack. Likewise, you’ll want to make sure it’s stowed somewhere accessible in the car.

Packing for Your Pet At the Pet Resort

If your pet is boarding with us, there are a few essentials that you’ll want to pack to make your pet’s staycation a little more comfortable, including:

  • A familiar blanket and something to snuggle – preferably with your scent on it for comfort
  • A favorite toy to play with (but not the favorite, you wouldn’t want your pet to start a turf war over a tennis ball)
  • Any medications your pet is currently taking, including prescription food, and dosage or feeding instructions

In addition to these items, you’ll want to be sure to let us know if there are any special considerations we should keep in mind when it comes to caring for your pet. Likewise, if your pet has any special needs, especially due to health, advanced age, or behavioral problems, please let us know so that we can work to meet those needs and make your pet’s stay a success.

Other Considerations 

Whether your pet is traveling with you, or staying with us; you’ll want to be sure that he or she is current on all of his or her vaccinations and parasite preventatives. If you’re traveling outside of the immediate area, talk to us about any additional preventatives your pet may need, too.

You may also want to have a copy of your pet’s vaccination records with you while traveling, as some hotels and destination doggie day camps may require them at check-in. And if you’ll be staying in one destination, identify a nearby emergency veterinary hospital in case of problems.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re happy to make an appointment should your pet need any pre-travel vaccinations, or to make your pet’s reservation with our very own Pet Paradise Boarding for cats, dogs, small mammals and birds. Try our regular suites, cat condos, or deluxe Lakeshore Suites.

And, if you’re a first-time boarder, check out our boarding promotions for a special offer!