Feline Chronic Kidney Disease and Your Cat

Not much can get those of the feline persuasion down, but kidney problems are something that can affect even the most confident cat. Feline chronic kidney disease is a commonly diagnosed problem, but one that The Pet Experts at Elmhurst Animal Care Center are well-equipped to help you with.

The Inner Workings

The kidneys filter all of the body’s blood supply day and night, an extremely important job! Properly functioning kidneys are essential for:


Managing Feline Diabetes

Coping with and managing the symptoms of a cat living with diabetes can consume worried cat owners, especially if the diagnosis is recent. After months of potential confusion and frustration, many people can experience stress – or even grief – over their cats’ diagnosis of diabetes.

You (or someone you know) may feel helpless regarding how to best help a diabetic cat, but the Pet Experts are here to support families living with a diabetic cat. Whether you are learning about feline diabetes to prevent it or coping with the disease, we are here to answer all of your questions. Continue…