Atopy And Your Pet

Atopy_iStock_000052716348_Large-1.jpgIs your pet constantly chewing on his or her paws? Is he or she suffering from one of more areas of raw, exposed skin (hot spots)? Does your pet’s constant  or biting drive you crazy, possibly even waking you up at night?

If this sounds like your pet, he or she may be suffering from an inherited form of allergies known as atopy.   Continue…

Helping Take the Itch and Sneeze Out of Pet Allergies

Elmhurst_iStock_000003124266_MediumThe wheezing, the sneezing, the inflammation and itching…seasonal allergies can make any one of us feel mildly to miserably uncomfortable. And, the same is true for animal companions when they struggle with pet allergies.

Unfortunately, many pets suffer through symptoms when they remain undiagnosed, untreated, or simply needlessly exposed to the allergens.

Detecting Seasonal and Flea Allergies in Pets

Allergens can be active year-round, depending on what your pet is allergic to. And, many pets who live with allergies are impacted by more than one type of allergy. Continue…

Paw Licking, Allergies, And Your Pet

pawlickingAt long last, spring is in the air. However, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know that the longer days and the warmer temperatures also mean an increased pollen count and the return of seasonal allergies.

But did you know that, like us, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies, too?

You might think that seasonal allergies for your cat or dog means sniffling and sneezing, but they don’t. Instead, your pet’s allergies are dermatological; which means that if your pet is excessively licking, chewing, scratching, or shaking, then chances are good that allergies are to blame.

Paw Licking

One of the most frustrating symptoms of seasonal allergies (for many pet owners, and most likely for pets, too) is excessive paw licking.

If your cat or dog licks and bites his or her paws incessantly, but the itchiness doesn’t seem to travel to other areas of the body, chances are good that your pet is picking up allergens on his or her paws. Typically these allergens are found in the home or outdoors, and are linked to organic matter or chemicals used in and around the home or yard. Continue…

The Hypoallergenic Dog: An Urban Legend?


Urban Legend?

Ah, the urban legend.  A story that you heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that is just plausible enough to be believed.  We have all heard them, and we have all fallen for one or two at some point.  No one knows exactly where the myth of the “hypoallergenic” dog got started, but it is a highly perpetuated tale. Continue…