Veterinary Hospital Lobby Etiquette

Bringing your pet to the veterinarian can invoke a wide variety of emotions depending on why you’re there and how your pet reacts to different sights, sounds, and smells. The constantly changing environment can be stressful, and situations can escalate quickly if precautions aren’t in place.

Brushing up on veterinary hospital lobby etiquette can help ensure a safe and calm experience for you, your pet, and everyone else.


Minding Your P’s and Q’s: Pet Etiquette in Public Places

Elmhurst_BevHills_iStock_000068352321_LargeOur culture is a pet-centric one and for that, we are downright tickled. Pets are now welcome in most restaurants, shopping areas, airplanes, and hotels around the country. However, while we can go almost anywhere with our pets, it doesn’t mean that we should.

To keep your pet safe and to have a positive experience, pet etiquette should be observed in public places. Good behavior can go a long way, especially when it comes to other pets and children. Elmhurst Animal Care Center strives to help you find that joyful balance. Continue…