Walking the Dog…

Elmhurst_iStock_000016552839_LargeFor some pet owners, simply attaching a leash to their pet’s collar is all that’s needed for a successful walk with their dog… but not all of us are that lucky.

Unfortunately, dogs don’t come leash trained (unless you’re the lucky adopter of an adult or senior pet). While it’s true that some pets don’t need to be bribed, begged, or otherwise convinced that a walk in the park is, well, a walk in the park; others are in need of considerable training, as they tend to pull on their leash, chase wildlife, or jump up on passersby. Whatever the case, there is irrefutable evidence that pets and their owners subscribe to the healthiest of habits by getting outside for walks together.

January has marked the celebration of two wonderful month-long occassions: National Train Your Dog Month and National Walk Your Dog Month. This double-whammy of national support shows just how important it is for your pet to have a healthy lifestyle.

Walking – and walking in tandem with your pet – is probably the easiest, most convenient, and pleasurable of all the exercise routines out there. Working  and walking together, we are positive both of your fitness goals will be satisfied. Continue…

Fall Fitness for Your Pet

Boy and dog playing in leavesThe weather has finally started to cool off any you can think about enjoying some time outdoors with your pets!  Here are some suggestions for fun activities that you and Fido can enjoy together:

  • Take a hike:  Get out and enjoy the beautiful fall colors with your pet.  Many parks and trails welcome leashed pets.
  • Play some football:  NFL players aren’t the only ones who are ready to play.  Many dogs enjoy chasing a ball and tumbling in the grass!
  • Rake some leaves:  Make yard work a fun and interactive chore.  You’d be surprised how much fun running through leaf piles can be.
  • Take a trip to the dog park:  If your pup enjoys the company of others, the autumn is a great time to visit the dog park.  It’s not so hot as to hamper long, active play but it is not so cold yet that the weather ruins a good time.

Fall can be an enjoyable time for you and your pet to spend some quality time together.  Take advantage of the weather, because winter is right around the corner!

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