It’s a Good Thing You’re Cute: Dog Training for the Ornery Pup

Dog training is super importantIf you’ve seen a well-behaved, calm, intuitive dog, it probably took a process to get that way – one that likely included a lot of patience, commitment, and hard work. Sure, all dogs are sweet and have the potential to be great housemates, but without an investment in dog training, your home life might become a bit strained from time to time. The Pet Experts not only recommend signing up for a class, we offer one that fits the bill!

Payback, Baby

Dog training is fun! When both you and your pet find it enjoyable, the dividends are huge. But before we get into details, it’s important to approach the process lightly. Keep your sessions short and effective and consistently reinforce new skills. Whether you’re training a younger dog or an older one, enjoy the process, and make sure it’s rewarding. Continue…

Pet Life Lessons: What Our Pets Teach Us Every Day

pet life lessonsThe health benefits of pets have been well studied. We now know that pet owners are less likely to have high blood pressure and heart disease than non-pet owners, and that living with a pet can reduce depression, anxiety, and increase our interactions with others.

The gifts our pets offer us go beyond good health, however. As it turns out, our pets are actually four-legged gurus, and the pet life lessons they impart can be applied to all areas of our human lives.


Minding Your P’s and Q’s: Pet Etiquette in Public Places

Elmhurst_BevHills_iStock_000068352321_LargeOur culture is a pet-centric one and for that, we are downright tickled. Pets are now welcome in most restaurants, shopping areas, airplanes, and hotels around the country. However, while we can go almost anywhere with our pets, it doesn’t mean that we should.

To keep your pet safe and to have a positive experience, pet etiquette should be observed in public places. Good behavior can go a long way, especially when it comes to other pets and children. Elmhurst Animal Care Center strives to help you find that joyful balance. Continue…