Canine Kennel Cough & Influenza: Current Info for Pet Owners

Schertz_iStock_000015133785_LargeKennel cough and canine influenza are all over the news right now, leaving many pet owners in a quandary. Should I be worried? How can I protect my dog? What does canine influenza have to do with kennel cough? And what the heck is kennel cough anyways?

Given the seriousness of this outbreak, it is important for all pet owners to be educated on what kennel cough and canine influenza are and what to be looking for. Keep reading to fill yourself in.

A Kennel Cough Primer

Kennel cough is a term that describes an infectious tracheobronchitis in dogs. Commonly it results in a harsh, honking cough that can sound like your pet has something stuck in his throat. Most often kennel cough is mild and runs its course in a short time. Once in a while, however, kennel cough can be serious, resulting in pneumonia. Continue…

Happy Tails! The Ins and Outs of Boarding Your Pet

With summer just around the corner, many of our clients have been contacting us with questions about our boarding services. We understand that leaving your pet for an extended period of time can be stressful for you both. We also realize you want to know that your furry friend is in good hands and receiving the love and care he or she deserves while you’re away.

So, if you’re planning on hitting the open road this summer, but won’t be taking your pet along for the ride, here are some helpful hints for preparing your pet for his or her stay at Elmhurst Animal Hospital’s Dog Suites and Kitty Condos.


Canine Parvovirus and Your Pup


Spring has sprung, and with it a whole new slew of pet hazards need to be on your radar. One common danger for pups is the dreaded canine parvovirus. While “parvo” can strike any time of the year, it is most common in the spring and summer months.

So what is this disease all about? Continue…