Dental care is an important part of proper care for your dog or cat.  Having your veterinarian do a quick inspection during your pet’s routine wellness exams is good.  Providing home dental care as instructed by your veterinarian is important, but your furry friends need periodic dental cleanings to keep their mouths healthy. In fact, by the ripe old age of three, most pets have some dental disease.

What happens during a professional dental procedure for your pet?

  • Anesthesia.  There are no bones about it; a proper, thorough cleaning cannot take place without general anesthesia.  This allows the veterinarian to thoroughly examine your pet’s mouth, take dental x-rays if indicated, and perform an in-depth cleaning.  Your pet’s history and current physical condition will be taken into account when developing an anesthetic plan, allowing for the safest anesthetic experience possible.
  • Examination.   Once your dog or cat is safely anesthetized, a detailed examination of his or her mouth takes place.  Any problems are documented and a plan is formulated to address them.
  • Ultrasonic and hand scaling.  The dental plaque and tartar that cause periodontal disease is removed from all sides of the tooth and under the gum line.
  • Polishing.  To keep your pet’s whites pearly, the teeth are polished after scaling in order to smooth the tooth’s surface, slowing the deposition of further plaque and tartar.
  • Problem solving.  Your pet may have teeth that need to be extracted or need other procedures in order to address any issues that are identified. Your veterinarian will identify any issues and explain your options.
  • Putting together a game plan.  Your veterinarian will determine a plan for resolving any immediate issues and for better maintaining  your pet’s dental health down the road.

All pets need routine, professional dental cleanings.  Make it a priority this year to provide your special dog or cat with this basic care.  Speak with your veterinarian about when your pet should have a dental cleaning and what you should be doing at home to enhance his or her dental health.

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