Veterinary technicians keep veterinary practices near me running smoothly.

When you come to The Pet Experts, you’ve probably talked to one of our veterinary technicians about your pet’s health. Whether it’s for a preventive care exam, a dental cleaning, or if your pet is sick, you know it is a great comfort to have a caring, experienced, and knowledgeable veterinary technician helping to care for your pet.

But what, exactly, do these team members do? Far from simply fetching a vaccine or counting out pills, veterinary technician duties and talents range far and wide. And, with October 14 – 20th, 2018 designated National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week, there’s no better time to shine a spotlight on these caring and skilled professionals.

What Is A Veterinary Technician?

Although there are differences, in many ways a veterinary technician is similar to a human Registered Nurse. Veterinary technicians assist veterinarians in the same way human nurses assist doctors – to care for animal patients with compassion, skill, and expertise.

Each state has different requirements and certification programs for veterinary technicians. But, like human nurses, they must complete formal education at an accredited school, and then pass rigorous national and state board examinations in order to earn certification. In Illinois, the term Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) may only be used by those who have completed these requirements.

Many Talents

Veterinary technicians wear many hats, and have a myriad of different skills. Ask any veterinarian, and they will tell you – they simply could not do their job without a veterinary technician! Here are some of the duties that veterinary technicians perform.

  • Take a medical history and vital signs at each pet’s exam
  • Perform laboratory diagnostics
  • Take radiographs and assist with ultrasound diagnostics
  • Assess patient pain and discomfort
  • Assist the veterinarian in diagnosis
  • Surgical assisting
  • Monitor anesthesia before, during, and after procedures and surgery
  • Provide nursing care and TLC for hospitalized and recovering patients
  • Perform prescribed laser therapy treatments
  • Answer client questions and provide education on animal well being and general health
  • Advocate for animal patients who cannot speak for themselves

This list is not exhaustive, and you might imagine that each day is filled with new and fascinating learning. This is one of the reasons our veterinary technicians are so amazing at what they do – lifelong learning and a passion for helping animals is a job requirement! Veterinary technicians thrive on learning new skills, and are required to maintain current knowledge and skills in emerging technologies and medical advancements in order to maintain certification.

Veterinary technicians use all their senses to help veterinarians deliver better care every day. They often notice things a veterinarian or a pet owner might miss, and lend their experience and expert skills to helping each and every pet live their healthiest life.  We are in awe of these professionals and although we appreciate them every day, we are looking forward to a special celebration during appreciation week. If you have ideas or would like to join in recognizing them, please give us a call at Elmhurst Animal Care Center.