Weird dogs make the best dogs.

It’s no secret that we absolutely adore dogs here at Elmhurst Animal Care Center, and getting to know the unique personalities and habits of our canine patients is part of what we love about our job. It seems like we learn more about weird dog behaviors every day! In fact, there are so many that we couldn’t help but share more about this topic with our loyal readers!

Four-Legged Thief

Dogs explore the world with their mouths through chewing and licking, so for some dogs, stealing items they’re interested in is the next logical step. Food items are a popular choice for many furry thieves, but socks, stuffed animals, water bottles, and even the TV remote are all fair game for some dogs. The reasons behind this behavior vary. Perhaps your dog enjoys the thrill of the chase as you try (usually unsuccessfully) to retrieve the object, or it could be they simply don’t want to give it back.

Because it’s so easy for a dog to accidentally ingest something poisonous or something that poses a risk of choking or intestinal blockage, it’s important that owners get a handle on this behavior. Train your dog to respond to “drop it” or “leave it,” and don’t leave your pet unsupervised when playing with their favorite contraband.

Unappetizing Snacking

Dog owners know how much their pups love to eat, but if your dog happens to enjoy snacks of the, er, brown and smelly variety, you aren’t alone. Poop-eating, also known as coprophagia, is a common (although disgusting) habit that many dogs develop due to nutritional deficiency, boredom, or simply because they like the taste (eww!). Snacking on a little of their own poop probably isn’t a problem, but if your dog makes a habit of ingesting feces or is fond of wildlife droppings, you’ll want to put a stop to the behavior for safety reasons.

Around and Around

Tail chasing is undeniably endearing and is a good way for your dog to burn off excess energy. However, if the behavior is constant, bring your pet in to see us for a checkup. There may be underlying anal gland problems or other physical issues. In some cases, it may be a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

What’s That, You Say?

There’s nothing cuter than a dog who cocks their head to one side, listening intently to whatever you’re saying. But are dogs really listening to us or is this just another one of those weird dog behaviors we can’t explain?

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, yes. Some animal behaviorists speculate that dogs may be trying to decipher certain words or phrases, especially if it leads to an exciting or rewarding activity. Others think they may simply be trying to pinpoint the location of the sound they’re hearing.

Weird Dog Behaviors

Whether they’re cute or annoying, weird dog behaviors are part of what makes your canine best friend so unique. As long as your dog has regular wellness appointments with The Pet Experts, we can make sure there are no underlying health problems that may be causing these behaviors. As always, we can advise you when it comes to safety, training, and any other concerns you might have about your sweet pet.