Elmhurst DaycareFor many pet owners, the idea of doggie day care may not have crossed your mind. After all, your dog is safe and well-fed, and can sleep all day at home. What could be better?

If you asked your dog, however, you might be in for a surprise. See it from your dog’s perspective: every morning your precious family all leave at once. You’re alone in the house with the cat. You can’t dig in the fridge. You can’t text your friends or watch TV. You can’t even pull up funny videos on YouTube…  You could chase the cat but you’ve already done that a million times.

Sigh. It’s gonna be another long, boring dog-day afternoon…

What if, instead of locking the door and leaving you behind, your favorite human said, “Yippee! Let’s go to doggie day care!” and off you went in the car (!) to see all your friends and play in a cool yard just for doggies? All day!

Not Just for Vacations

More and more, pet owners and animal behaviorists are realizing that most dogs don’t do as well when left home alone for long periods of time. If your working hours regularly stretch into the evening, and nightly activities sometimes keep you out later still, what’s a loving, lonesome dog to do?  (Scratch, chew, and go a little crazy, just to name a few “options.”)

This is why many pet owners are opting for doggie day care on a weekly basis. Besides stimulation, canine socialization, exercise, and a watchful human eye, dogs who regularly go to doggie day care are just happier*.

(*Ask them if you don’t believe us!)

Healthier, too

The best doggie day care centers are in close proximity to veterinarians and trained pet-professionals who keep an eye on the guests. If your pet needs regular medication or special medical care, the right doggie daycare is perfect, taking the worry out of leaving, and freeing you up for other things.

Day care is generally safe for your pet since most doggie and kitty care centers require their clients to have had all their shots and be free of parasites and other transmissible illnesses.

Five-star Comfort

Besides having a doctor on the premises, good doggie day care centers offer a list of amenities and extra for-fee services that make their humans jealous:

  • Bright, sunshiny environments with skylights
  • Climate controlled kennels for year-round comfort
  • Sanitary, non-slip flooring
  • Lounging benches
  • 5-star doggie bedding
  • Outdoor exercise areas
  • Pet training
  • Grooming (can you say spa day?)

Not Just for Doggies

Of course good facilities also cater to cats, ferrets, lizards, fish, tortoises and other exotics as well, so that everyone can relax and have a good time, either on vacation or every day of the week.
And we wouldn’t tease you or your dog if we didn’t have exactly the facilities we just described, right here at the Elmhurst Animal Care Center. If you have any questions about our doggie, kitty or exotic animal day care services, visit the Pet Paradise Pet Boarding and Dog Day Care web pages. And of course you can schedule a visit, or chat with our Pet Experts any time.