human hands make heart shape and cute catYou adore your cat and will do anything for him or her, but does your cat feel the same about you? Felines have a reputation for being standoffish and aloof; while we appreciate these unique characteristics, they sometimes lead us to wonder how a cat truly feels. Let The Pet Experts shed some light on how to tell if your cat loves you.

Body Language

In general, cats are not loud, in-your-face communicators. They don’t wag their tails, lick your face, or constantly follow you around. Instead, they express themselves using subtle body language cues.

Trustworthy Tail

To gauge your cat’s mood, check out his or her tail. An upright or perky tail indicates a happy state of mind; a low-lying tail (with or without slow flicking) is a sign of fear or aggression. One of the biggest giveaways about whether your cat loves you is the upright, slightly-curved, twitchy tail. This quivering can be interpreted as an exuberant “I love you!”

Lastly, watch how your cat uses his or her tail when you’re close by. Chances are, you’ll eventually feel a warm tail draping over you (the ultimate sign of adoration).

Kitty Love Blink

There’s nothing more heartwarming than receiving a long, slow blink from your furry feline. Think of this as an “eye kiss.” Your cat has chosen to use his or her most prominent features to express how loved you are. In addition, your pet trusts you long enough to close those peepers for a long pause. That’s a big deal!

Oh, That Face!

Your cat is unquestionably attractive, and he or she knows how to use that gorgeous face for personal benefit. The head butt is a classic sign of affection, as is the cheek rub.

While standing, you may notice your cat approaching your legs. He or she may initially run into you, and then coast off to the side, rubbing the corners of the mouth on you (cue: twitchy tail). With this action, your cat is marking you. Powerful pheromones are produced in the cheek glands and then deposited on items that your kitty claims as his or her own. Lucky you!

It Sounds Like Your Cat Loves You

Many cats are quiet, but others can be extremely vocal around their owners. You may notice regular bids for attention through meowing, purring, chirps, or even chortles; you really should consider these signs that your cat loves you.


Your cat also shows affection by remaining nearby. It could be that your pet climbs onto the back of the couch and tries to groom your hair. Perhaps he or she sleeps on your feet or, better yet, your pet just hangs out wherever you are. You may even notice the tell-tale sign of ultimate comfort: kneading. These are all wonderful, and we know you wouldn’t trade in your kitty’s affection for anything!

Purrs and Meows

We hope we’ve cleared up any doubts about whether or not your cat loves you. If The Pet Experts can be of additional assistance regarding your cat or kitten, please don’t hesitate to call!