Woman shopping at veterinary online store.

At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, we are lucky enough to have a fully-stocked veterinary online store that makes it easier for you to get necessities for your pets. This veterinary online pharmacy and store allows you to order a wide range of medications and supplies for your animal family members, but it does have some limitations of which you should be aware. Keep reading to learn about what you can and cannot do with our online store:

What Our Veterinary Online Store Has

At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, we want to provide whatever resources we can to ensure you and your pet have the best and most fulfilling experience with our clinic. With our veterinary online pharmacy, you can find:

  • Monthly Preventives: From flea and tick to heartworm preventives, our online store makes it easy to get these important aspects of your pet’s wellness care shipped right to your home.
  • Dog and Cat Food: From Hill’s to Purina and plenty of brands in between, our veterinary online pharmacy makes it easy to stay stocked with the food your pets love. 
  • Treats Galore: Whether you want to start incorporating dental chews into your pet’s daily routine or get some tasty treats to use for training, our online store has a great selection of dog and cat treats.
  • Pain Medication: None of us ever want to see our pets in pain, but hopefully some of our medication options can help them start feeling more like themselves.
  • Supplements: Just like humans, sometimes our pets need a little help to get nutrients they are not getting from their food. With our veterinary online store supplements, you can help them feel and look their best.
  • Discounts: When you select to auto-ship the products you buy regularly, you can save money with subscription costs.
  • Free Shipping: Whether you select auto-ship or you spend over a certain amount, our online store offers free shipping options, which can save you even more money.

What Our Veterinary Online Store Does Not Have

While our online store makes it incredibly convenient to order food and medication for your furry friends, it does have some limitations. One of the most important things to remember when using our online pharmacy is that you cannot order any medications without a prescription from a veterinarian. We take this very seriously because we want to be sure your pets are only getting the medications they need and that they are coming from a safe source. 
Check out our online store today or call (630) 530-1900 to learn more about how Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers well-rounded care for your pets.