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Class Offerings

Group Socialization Classes

In our group socialization classes you get a great deal of information for a phenomenal price. In the classes we cover the essentials to help you and your dog establish a solid foundation and take your relationship to the next level! We cover topics such as potty training, basic commands, leash walking and more. The classes are structured to help accommodate your dog’s age, skill level, and your time.

Puppy Class

Puppy class is to help both experienced and new dog parents establish healthy lines of communication that will develop a solid foundation. Upon this solid foundation, unlimited opportunity can be reached.

Behaviors: Potty training, puppy socializing, no jump/bark/bite, come, sit, down, stand, leave it, stay, walk on leash, and more

Puppy Intermediate

In puppy intermediate we want to continue to build on what the pups have learned and now add to their duration, distance and distraction. We also strive to incorporate real world scenarios to help prepare pet and parent for potential challenges that may arise!

Behaviors: Extended come, Extreme Leave it, intro to heel, dog burpees, place/stay, intro to real world application and more

Adult Beginners

Adult beginners course is to help set a solid foundation for adult dogs that have little to no formal training. This course gives adult dogs the confidence to work around other dogs and learn how to respect space, boundaries and their relationship with their parents.

Behaviors: No jump/bark/bite, leave it, focus, touch, stay, release/break, finish, leash walking, dog burpees and more

Adult Intermediate

n adult intermediate we look to build and further the dog’s progression from what they have gathered in beginner courses. We apply the previous knowledge learned to the real world to help prepare parents and pets to tackle the different environmental challenges that present themselves daily. We start to incorporate more duration, distance, and distractions to challenge the dogs that will ultimately assist in helping them stay successful when presented with unexpected disturbances. This keeps the positive energy high and success rate sky rocketing.

Behaviors: Long distance recall with dog burpees, extreme leave it, increased handler experience, heel with distractions, place/stay/break, increased handler confidence, real world practice/application and more

Advanced Class

Upon completion of the advanced class dog and handler should be well prepared for the challenges that the world can present. The dogs should be ready to take the CGC (canine good citizen) test, whether a goal or not, and pass with flying colors. Dogs should have a substantial amount of repetition in with their parents to the point no treats are required in order for the desired behaviors to be performed.

Behaviors: Long distance recall, leave it, unsupervised stay, heel, meet and greet, ignoring distractions, impulse control, temperament test and more

Beginner Fusion

Beginner fusion classes are a mixture of puppies and adults that have no little to no previous training and the timeframe accommodates parent’s schedule. It not only provides the essential information that the other classes offer but also allows dogs of different ages to learn to work around each other building confidence and desensitization for the real world.

Intermediate Fusion

Intermediate Fusion is very similar to the beginner fusion course in providing the desensitization and confidence while also taking both puppies and adults skills to the next level. This course also helps to increase parent’s skill in handling, planning and effectively communicating what their expectations are

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be utilized for several different reasons. It can be time for a family to focus on fixing a specific problem, times and dates for the group classes are clashing with schedules, a client’s dog can be aggressive, client has specific questions they want answered and many more. Private lessons have flexible time frames and run on how many sessions the client would like to invest in.

Board and Train

Board and trains are training programs that target helping the pet and parent out with the pet spending quality time with the trainer. The training ranges from behavioral modification, to basic obedience, confidence boosting and more. We look to provide you a life changing experience that can help strengthen the bond between pet and parent when the parent may not have the time, patience, knowledge or availability. Each week that the dog is here old information becomes a habit and new information is absorbed and becomes a pattern. The dog is continuously stimulated physically and mentally providingthe parents a dog that is pattern cognizant, listens and understands its role upon completion. The more time the dog is at the facility the more the dog will pick up on the desired behaviors and how it is to conduct itself. The board and train is administered through weekly intervals. Upon completion of four weeks or more the parents receive 1 free private lesson