Complete Professional Pet Grooming at Elmhurst Animal Care Center

It’s easy to think of professional pet grooming as a luxury, but all dogs and cats require some level of regular grooming in order to stay in good health. No matter where you and your pet fall on the grooming spectrum, The Pet Experts here at Elmhurst Animal Care Center can meet your needs with everything from basic maintenance grooming to luxurious pet spa experiences.

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Our grooming services include baths, nail trims, anal gland expression, stain removal, medicated shampoos and conditioners, and more. Our special cleansing baths contain soothing agents designed to gently remove dirt and debris while leaving your pet feeling refreshed and their coat silky smooth. We also offer medicated baths for pets who suffer from allergies and other dermatological issues.

If you would like to schedule your pet’s grooming appointment along with their wellness exam, simply let our team know, and we will work around your veterinarian’s schedule.

  • Dog being groomed at Elmhurst Animal Care Center
  • Dog being groomed at Elmhurst Animal Care Center
  • Dog being groomed at Elmhurst Animal Care Center
  • Dog being groomed at Elmhurst Animal Care Center
Dog being groomed at Elmhurst Animal Care Center Dog being groomed at Elmhurst Animal Care Center Dog being groomed at Elmhurst Animal Care Center Dog being groomed at Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Pet Bathing

A luxurious bath for your dog or cat can boast many health benefits. At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, we provide individualized bathing services designed to meet your pet’s every unique need, such as:

  • Treatment for sensitive, dry, or itchy skin
  • Medicated baths for pets with skin conditions or allergies
  • Compassionate care for pets to whom bathing may be a source of fear or anxiety

In our experience, the best way to address bath anxiety in a pet is to replace negative experiences with positive ones. If your pet is reluctant to get in the tub, our dedicated staff will be happy to talk with you about how we can accommodate his or her needs.

Remember: Good hygiene is just as important to your pet’s health as it is to yours! If you have any questions about the pet grooming services available at Elmhurst Animal Care Center, please contact us.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation or change to your pet's grooming appointment must be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Failure to do so, or a no show, will result in a full grooming charge.

Grooming Staff

Kristin Kulling

Kristin has been performing grooming at Elmhurst for three years and has been a groomer for over 10 years. She has three dogs of her own: a Miniature Poodle named Miller, a Pekingese named Rosie and her newest rescue, Archie, a Great Dane/Pit mix. She loves all animals and it is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream to work with them on a daily basis. Outside of work, Kristin enjoys camping, crafting with groomer, Jamie and spending time with her family.

Jamie Jones

Jamie has been grooming at Elmhurst Animal Care Center for the last year, and has over 5 years experience. Growing up with all types of animals, including dogs and cats, she always knew she wanted to work at a veterinary clinic. Jamie particularly enjoys creative grooming of both dogs and cats. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her 2 year old son, Isaac, her dogs Misfit and Walter, and her cat, Tina. She also takes great pleasure spending time in nature and crafting.

Savannah O’Keefe

Savannah is entering her senior year of high school and does the bathing for the groomers at Elmhurst Animal Care Center. She has one amazing dog named Cookie, a five year old pit bull/ boxer mix. She adopted Cookie when she began her work at Elmhurst in April 2016. She has always loved animals, which is why she chooses to work at EACC.

Happy Golden Retriever after bathing

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