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Meet Our Trainer!

Derrick Rollerson

Derrick Rollerson II

We are pleased to introduce Derrick S. Rollerson II. His philosophy of training is to develop a healthy bonding relationship between pets and pet parents. His training style incorporates a balance of reward based (positive reinforcement) and correction based (negative punishment -- which is simply the removal of praise when the wrong behavior is offered) training.

Derrick’s love for animals, especially dogs, dates back to early childhood as he insisted on reading books about animals. At the age of six, he convinced his mother that he was ready to own his own dog, which was a lab pointer mix. He has since acquired two Staffordshire terriers.

Derrick is certified through Petco’s DTIP (Dog Training Instructor Program). He began his training career at Petco as an apprentice and quickly elevated to Senior District Mentor, training more than a dozen of Petco’s dog trainers within two years. Derrick also has more than two years’ experience in personal protection/guard dog training, behavior modification, and agility training. He has taken Canine Good Citizen (CGC) preparation courses, becoming certified to administer the testing for the CGC certification. Derrick has been training professionally since 2011, and has worked with well renowned facilities such as K9 University and Pups Pets Club.

Derrick looks forward to helping pet parents better understand their four leg companions, strengthen bonds, and ultimately assisting in bettering our communities.

What You Need to Know:


Pre-Requisites for Classes (downloadable pdf)

Class Offerings (downloadable pdf)

Puppy Beginner

Covers potty training, no jumping, barking, biting.
Basic Obedience: sit, down, stand, focus, leave it, animal husbandry, walking on a leash, roll over or play dead or army crawl, pre stay, come, touch.

Adult Beginner

No jumping, no biting, no barking.
Basic Obedience: sit, down, stand, stay, focus, wait, walking on a leash, leave it, touch, come.

Fusion Classes

Fusion classes are the combining of puppy and adults to cover basic obedience. This option is for limited time slots and the convenience of our busy clients. A combination of puppy and adult info is included.

Intermediate Fusion

These classes are the combining of adult and beginner classes who will be progressing into intermediate. Here we further their progression by increasing duration (time), distance and distractions.


In these classes, we are starting to fine tune the behaviors and increase the skill set. The information that was covered and learned in beginner is being covered more in depth and building direction, distractions and distance. Extreme leave it, meet and greets, stay with distractions and distance. Extended waits with distractions and heel.
Phasing treats out a little more as well.


This is to take our dogs to the next level of being great. We are looking for precisions, improved listening skills, more behaviors offered and little to no treats. We’ll also introduce obstacle course training for more mental and physical stimulation not only for the dog but the parent as well.

*Dogs MUST be up to date on vaccines including H3N2 flu vaccine! Please call and confirm with your veterinary clinic.

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Class Schedule

Classes held at Elmhurst Animal Care Center
850 S. Riverside Dr. Elmhurst, IL 60126

To register: Call 630.530.1900